Walt Disney vs Willy Wonka – A GRIMM REALITY EP. 15

SO who do you love more Walt or your Willy? Well the crew at A Grimm Reality tear apart these two child hood icons. We look deep into the entertainment and candy industry to see who is the crazier of the two. Was it Walt the man who pioneered animation and theme parks? Or was it Willy? The candy icon who lifted the poor to new heights… while encouraging child obesity and diabetes. Well you tell us is fact stranger than fiction?


SteveO Vs Wyle E Coyote – A GRIMM REALITY EP. 14

So who the hell else would you put against a jack ass member. Wile E has been performing for the better part of a century!! On this episode you will figure out if fact is actually stranger than fiction. We put the kings of pain on the Bat shit crazy scale!! Email us at agrimmrealitypodcast@gmail.com and let us know who you think is crazier.

The Watchers – A Grimm Reality Ep. 11

So Captin Kreepie and Pinky dig deep to find you a Cryptic not many have heard of. However, through history there are terrifying tales of a being that speaks in your ears while you sleep, it opens your doors and worst of all it drinks your beer!!! No, but serious; really watch out for these guys. Are they guardian angels? Or are they nefarious creatures that roam our world in the early morning? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Patreon A Grimm Reality Podcast. (more…)

Jack The Ripper vs Ghost Face – A Grimm Reality Ep. 10

Whats your favourite scary movie? Who is your favourite hooker killer? Well, we think we can get down to the bottom of these questions. We will draw the comparison of these two infamous killers. We sit down and discuss what would cause these people to kill in the shadows and to hide their identity. So have a listen and help us solve the question Is fact stranger than fiction? By the way who is going hooker whacking? (more…)

Lucky The Leprechaun – A Grimm Reality Ep. 9

You want to have a three way well here you go!! However, don’t be surprised if you end up dead near a river with a guy named Garry all up in your junk and stuff. We put Gary Ridgeway (the Green River Killer) vs LC Charms the Lucky Charms Leprechaun vs the most crappiest villain of them all The Green Goblin. So who will be top dog on this doggy style pile. Find out as Johnny, Pinky, Kreepie and for the first time Bradley bo peep try to solve this question. (more…)

Mr.Burns vs Martin Shkreli – A Grimm Reality Ep. 8

In this episode we put the pill to the test and see how angry johnny can get. We rip apart the american health system for allowing Martin Shkreli to have such control. However, we do have lots of fun bull shitting about The Simpsons aswell!!! So joing us as we all try to figure out who is the most bat shit crazy man … we all know who it is who am i kidding. (more…)

Sylvia Brown v 11 (From Stranger Things) – A Grimm Reality Ep. 7

On this episode we expand our minds and try and figure out what the hell people were doing giving Sylvia Brown money… like really, wtf? But besides that we talk about ESP and try and determine who is the craziest of the two. On this episode Johnny has gone missing and its up to us to find out what he’s doing… maybe use remote viewing like 11 and Sylvia? Well hope you enjoy the show! Is fact stranger than fiction? (more…)

Big Foot… Or Something About Big Foot And My Evil Friends, Thanks For Supporting Us On Patreon

Hey guys! On this bonus episode you get to hear the debate of the Big proportion. Is Big foot real or is it a fabricated hoax. We discuss bigfoot and encourage you to get involved in the chat either on facebook, the patreon comments section or on twitter. If you would like also email us at agrimmrealitypodcast@gmail.com. Enjoy the show!‚Äč (more…)