Chucky Vs The World – A Grimm Reality Bonus Episode

his episode is brought to you by our Patreon subscribers whoot whoot…. Yes they have put The Kool-Aid man, Biff from Back To The Future and Teddy Ruxpin all against CHUCKY from Child’s Play. Also, we had to drop a specific line they purchased during the show!!!! So sit down and have a listen to what the fans of the show wanted THANKS GUYS!!!!!​

Bonnie & Clyde vs Mickey & Mallory Knox – A Grimm Reality Ep. 6

So you wanna be a serial killer eh? Well who the hell is going to inspire you the most Mickey and Mallory or Bonnie and Clyde. Who was the most romantic? Who would be the crazier to run into? In this episode we may or may not answer those questions… I cant remember if that’s even in the show but the characters are so that’s something… have a good day!​ (more…)

Darth Vader vs George W Bush (A Grimm Reality Ep. 5)

​Have you ever wondered… Why the hell was the death star so easy to blow up? Why is jaja binks always trying to have sex with Darth Vader? We dig deep to get you the bullsit straight from our mouths. If you want fact vs fiction this is your place to get it! We look deep in the hearts of these two crazy guys and rate them on the bat shit crazy scale. So get ready for another inside job as this is episode 5 Vader and the Bush. (more…)

Emmet Brown Vs Nikola Tesla (A Grimm Reality Ep. 4)

At the turn of the century there were two scientists who revolutionized the world. One was real and his name was Nikola Tesla the man of lightning. He is known to be the creator of the death rape machine… allegedly. The other was the creator of time travel,and a innovator of renewable energy Dr. Emmet Brown. However, his means were through acts of terrorism, theft and pedophiliac actions. So join us as we try to determine who is the crazier of the two and leap through time as Johnny, Pinky, Captin Kreepie and for the first time OMGWTFHuney try to determine who is the mad scientist of the 20th century!. (more…)

Charlie Sheen vs The Joker (A Grimm Reality Ep. 3)

Hey guys! On this episode we debate who is the craziest out of these two really crazy people. One of them is half animal he has tigers blood. The other is a very confused man with a lot of scars… but he`s very good at magic. Taadaaaah. Anyhoo, tune into this fantastic episode that is a little dark and a little crazy and help us find out who is the crazy man… Also, for the first time ever recorded in HD. We have a guest and his name is Mike Oxlong. With Mike on the show you get a little extra grrrr out of the tigers blood. (more…)

Freddy Krueger Vs Richard Ramirez (A Grimm Reality Ep. 2)

On this episode Freddy Krueger goes against Richard Ramerez. Who is crazier? Who has real green demons in their closet? The man of pinky’s dreams is raising hell in this episode and we want you to listen. So don’t fall asleep… cause that means this episode sucks…. or Freddy is going to kill you bahahaha. One, two Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four I like Eat-Mores. (more…)

Bowser vs Hitler (A Grimm Reality Ep. 1)

In this fine episode you will help us uncover the diabolical nature of Bowser, and that kind of crazy guy named Hitler. Captain Kreepie, Pinky and Johnny Whitetrash have dug deep into historical documents to help you decifer, who is crazier. We rate them on a BaT S%#t CrAZy scale and give them a unique title. So come with us now you innocent listeners and embark on some crazy as s%$t…. (more…)