Radium Hotsprings (Life Is An Adventure Ep. 1)

Hey there guys and gals! On this episode we take you for a rip through radium and surrounding area. We hit some tourist locations and also some of the beaten track places. You will hear about our encounter with Golem in Mordor and our search for big foot. So sit down and get ready for an epic audio adventure!

One thought on “Radium Hotsprings (Life Is An Adventure Ep. 1)

  1. I used to be the bus babe from Banff to Golden for Kootenay river runners . I’d take a bus load of rowdy excited people from Banff to the put in of the Kicking Horse river , then drive down to the halfway point and set up lunch. At the end of the day I’d pick everyone and take a bunch of sleepyheads back to Banff. I went rafting at least once a year ( worked for them for four years ) always on the Kicking Horse …. Awesome ride ! I’m not a water lover but I always had a blast . My daughter was around 9 or 10 and loved to ‘bounce’ out of the boat …. The guides always got her back in on the second bounce . Do they still serve Linda’s banana bread ? I’ll bring in some pictures sometime .

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