Tofino – Life’s An Adventure Ep. 6

In this episode we finally make it to Tofino, British Columbia. We have the pleasure of going surfing and other various activities that will inspire you to head there for an amazing family vacation! So come with us as we tread the waters of the pacific ocean and end our 2015 B.C. adventure. (more…)

Vancouver (Life’s An Adventure Ep. 5)

In this episode we are getting close to ending our B.C. adventures. We hit Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In our travels we have hit several neat cool cities, but nothing like Vancouver. We stop by Stanley Park and check out the aquarium and some other neat tourist locations. Finally, have you ever wondered what its like to walk around an ewok village well that’s kind of what we did when we visited the Capilano suspension bridge!!! So come with us on the second last stop before our trip in B.C. is over. Lifes an adventure worthy of ones full attention! (more…)

The Okanagan and Revelstoke (Life’s An Adventure Ep. 4)

We are travelling to Revelstoke and the Okanagan in this episode. We will take you to the Enchanted forest and finish in one of the most unbelievable valleys in all of Canada. Also, we tell tales of the eerie Three valley gap hotel. This episode brings you into the heart of fruitland and through one of the biggest passes in North America. ​So plug us in and have a adventure with us on episode 4. Also follow us on facebook at Lifes an adventure! (more…)

Top 5 Water Wish List (Life’s An Adventure Ep. 3)

Hey there so this episode we are talking about 5 unique locations to go whitewater rafting. They are our dream rafting trips. We talk about the history of the rivers and why we would love to go there. So if you know of any good rivers to hit make sure to email us at

Radium Hotsprings (Life Is An Adventure Ep. 1)

Hey there guys and gals! On this episode we take you for a rip through radium and surrounding area. We hit some tourist locations and also some of the beaten track places. You will hear about our encounter with Golem in Mordor and our search for big foot. So sit down and get ready for an epic audio adventure!