Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 Reaction – The Available In ADHD Show Ep. 139

On this episode Johnny and his guest Rafael from the We Are Not Here To Please You podcast react to the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 and talk about the Samsung Note 7, yet another Nintendo NX leak, and the GTA Online Bikers DLC. (more…)

Sega Mini A Fake? (Available In ADHD Ep. 120)

Don’t you hate when you make your first cup coffee in the morning and you’re missing the stuff you put into your coffee? Luckily I had a can of sugar free Red Bull to rescue me from total failure. That why this is your top Pokemon Go, Top Level, Sega, Genesis, Mega Drive, mini, Nintendo, NX, Pokemon Go Plus, retro games, Microsoft, Xbox one s, and Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Ex news source. (more…)

Johnny’s Fucking Matt Damon (Available In ADHD Ep. 117)

I wore my headphones throughout the whole show for no reason, but who cares about that because this is your number one Pokemon, Dictionary, Mom Jeans, Xbox One, Backwards-Compatible, Let’s Play Video Games, PSN, Street Fighter 5, Breast Cancer, Fuck Cancer, Overwatch, Nintendo, NX, Ubisoft, Humble Bundle, Battleborn, Injustice 2, Xbox Gaming, WWE, Austin Creed, Xavier Woods, Pokemon GO, cop car, Raw, Smackdown, draft, Shuhei Yoshida, OurMine, Hack, Rocket League, Alien: Covenant, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, PS4, Star Trek, Anton Yelchin, Checkov, McDonalds, Life Is Strange, No Man Sky, Sony, and of course, fucking Matt Damon news source. (more…)

Friday Freestyle (Available In ADHD Ep. 114)

Today we rolled out of bed, took a poop, and started the show with no prep… and we are still you top Pokemon GO, Nintendo, NES mini, Mark Hamill, Star Wars, No Man’s Sky, Dead Body, EA, Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space, Sim City 3000, Suicide Squad, Chex Quest, and people falling down cliffs news source. (more…)

A New Old Nintendo? (Available In ADHD Ep. 113)

We’re drinking Red Bull instead of coffee and we lost the Pok√©mon GO gym we worked so hard for, but we ain’t even bothered because we are still your number one Pokemon GO, Rio 2016 Olympics, Batman: Arkham Underworld, Fallout Shelter, McDonald’s, Nintendo, NES, Matt Damon, Valve, It, Pennywise, and run-on sentence news. (more…)